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About us

Board of Directors

The Downtown Moses Lake Association Board of Directors is a mix of volunteers in our community that share a passion for the betterment of our Downtown.

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Denise Kinder
Owner of Simple Balances


What my best friend says about me:


Denise is an amazingly beautiful person! She’s creative, thoughtful, kind, smart, and honest. Her fruits shine most when she’s lending a hand to others with unconditional passion. I’m so thankful to have her in my life. Denise is a blessing to her family and our entire community. <3

James Shank.jpg

James Shank

Vice President
Edward Jones


What my fellow board member says about me:


James Shank is a financial advisor at Edward Jones and has a beautiful wife and two grown children. works with people from diverse backgrounds whether he is a leader or a team player, likes to help in his community, takes part in several boards, is thoughtful, and kind, and wants to see people do good.


Alexandria Lopez

McPartland Law


What my best friend says about me:



Carlos Rojas
Branch Manager, Wheatland Bank

What the DMLA Executive Director says about me:

Carlos does a fantastic job managing Wheatland Bank in Moses Lake and Quincy! He has been a dedicated board member to the Downtown Moses Lake Association for the past 3 years, serving as our Treasurer for two of those! Carlos is decisive, strategic and thoughtful. Key traits to a perfect board member! He is also the best dressed guy in Grant County.

Sara Guaderrama.jpg

Sara Guaderrama

HR Coordinator
Onboarding & Community Engagement at Moses Lake Industries


What my teammate says about me:


Sara Guaderrama is a very complex being.  I’ve never met another human like her.  I’m not saying she’s from another planet, but she’s most definitely out of this world.

When Sara enters a room, it’s like everyone has inhaled a special laughing gas that was piped in from another universe.  She has an amazing laugh that is so infectious.  Everyone becomes happy when they hear it.  They start to experience a mild euphoria and laugh right along with her.  Her pink sequined attire makes everyone feel like they are viewing a superhero, and they just want to get in on the excitement that explodes from every hidden pocket. Everyone wants to fly with her.


Sara has amazing organizational skills.  She can transform a Stargate Origins (a complete flop) type event into a trip with Ms. Frizzle into outer space on the Magic School Bus. It’s educational and provides a different perspective on everything.  She provides clear expectations for everyone on her team and presents concise tasks that fit every person.  In exchange for putting in the hard work, team members experience a fun environment that feels like a pre-party before the event blasts off.  She makes each individual feel like they are the guiding a rocket right into a cloud of beautiful, twinkling space diamonds. And if things start blowing up, she covers the chaos from the spectators.  Sara works with her team to find creative solutions that defy gravity and shoot to the sun.


The heart in Sara, defies science.  There is no way something so big can fit inside one person, yet it does.  She loves those close to her to the moon and back.  She is so proud of her wonderful children and supports them in whatever they do.  She grieves deeply at even the thought of her mother in the heavens, while acting as a space station to her dad.  She’s always a safe place to land, rest, stock up on supplies, and re-fuel. She is tethered to each member of her family and helps keep everyone from floating apart.  There is such pride in her voice when she talks about the community of Moses Lake.  She is a part of the history and will help guide the future.  She thrives on making everything sparkle like the stars.

Mary Davenport.jpg

Mary Davenport

Owner of Stella and Me


What my mom says about me:


Mary is a fun, energetic, caring heart of gold type of person. If you need help with anything, she’s your girl.

Melanie Finch.jpg

Melanie Finch

Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer, Ag World Support Systems


What my best friend says about me:  


Melanie, a brilliant strategist and businesswoman across multiple industries, will never fail to put people first. Her heart for life and for the quality of life of all those around her, from her family to her community to her customers across borders, is paramount in the choices she makes in both work and life. You will not find higher integrity, deeper compassion or wiser advisor anywhere. Those who cross her path are seen, heard, valued and encouraged to join her in making the world a better place. 


Heather Adkinson

Designated Broker and Owner of Windermere K2 Realty


What my friends say about me:


Heather has been a member of the DMLA since reorganization about 6 years ago.  She has served as Vice-President, President, and Secretary and currently is a taking a break from Executive Board Duties.

Her full-time job is as Designated Broker/Co-Owner of Windermere K-2 Real Estate which is located in the heart of downtown Moses Lake.  She understands the importance of what the downtown can do for a community and because of that chose to bring her own business downtown to better be involved.

She has an opinion on everything and you can always count on knowing exactly what she thinks at all times.  Go to her for all the real talk that you think you could be missing.

In her free time you will find her letting her OCD and anxiety take over as well as spending as much free time as she can at the gym.  When not at the gym she will be hiding in her sauna from the chaos and noise of her 3 children who she loves dearly.


Rosenda Henley

Executive Director

Downtown Moses Lake Association


What my friends say about me:


Rosenda is the Executive Director of the DMLA. She has a passion and strength for community outreach, building and maintaining relationships within the community, identifying gaps in resources, and creating innovative solutions to resolve those gaps. She enjoys connecting with people and is looking forward to strengthening Downtown Moses Lake. Rosenda is always willing to help where needed and is very open minded. She is thoughtful in both her words and actions. 

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Committee Information


The Organization Committee plays a key role in keeping the board, committees, and staff functioning by attracting people and money to the Main Street program. To succeed, this committee must take responsibility for managing these financial and logistical aspects of the non-profit organization.


The Promotion Committee has the job of promoting downtown as the center of commerce, culture, and community life for residents and visitors alike. To be effective this committee must move beyond cookie cutter downtown promotion ideas.

Meetings: Third Wednesday of every month at 12:00pm - 205 S Division St.

Design Committee​

The Design Committee plays a key role in shaping the physical image of Main Street as a place attractive to shoppers, investors, business owners, and visitors. To succeed, this committee must persuade business owners, building owners, and civic leaders to adopt a specific approach for physical improvements to buildings, businesses and public improvements.

Economic Vitality Committee

The Economic Vitality Committee has the job of identifying new market opportunities for the traditional commercial district, finding new uses for historic commercial buildings, and stimulating investment in property. To succeed, this committee must develop a thorough understanding of the community’s economic condition and opportunities for incremental market growth.

Meetings: First Monday of every month at 12:00pm - 205 S Division St.

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